Top 5 Best Robot Vacuums in 2019-2020

  • Succeeds related popular model
  • Improved suction and navigation
  • Aesthetically thin and sleek
  • Succeeds the Roomba 690
  • Ideal for larger properties
  • Very effective dirt collector
  • Hard floor compatible robot
  • Laminate, tile, wood friendly
  • Super quiet, doesn’t disturb

Life is busy. Anything that will enable us to make life easier is always well received. The latest craze is the Robot Vacuum, enabling yet another necessary, but a time-consuming and boring chore to be completed without our intervention – genius! There are Robot Vacuums available to suit every need, budget, and home, whilst also being pretty damn good at completing a task that many of us hate. But is the most expensive accessory always the best or do the lesser known, technically revelatory brands do the job just as well?

Sometimes the less well-known brands are the ones with added features, better functions and a greater nod to the aesthetics that the more popular brands do not have. What is most important to you? Interested in finding out more about Best Robot Vacuums? Why not look at our tested top 5 Best Robot Vacuums to help narrow it down and enabling you to find the perfect Robot Vacuums.

View the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Below.

The latest model created after the popular, effective and much talked of RoboVac 11, this new addition to the family has wonderful suction capabilities, has greater navigation abilities than its father model and it has been innovated with a much thinner design. This enables the RoboVac 11S to get into more areas of your home and clean them much more effectively, even in difficult places to reach, like underneath the couch – no dust or debris will be missed with this intelligent vacuum, capturing 11.6g of dirt on every use. It’s extremely quiet, enabling your life to carry on around it uninterrupted.

We love the RoboVac 11s because it doesn’t miss any dirt and leaves your home feeling cleaner than ever whilst being so quiet that you won’t even know it’s working hard.

Why We Like It

  • Succeeds related popular model
  • Improved suction and navigation
  • Aesthetically thin and sleek
  • Very quiet – life continues
  • Reaches difficult cleaning areas
Max Suction Power1300Pa
Noise Level55dB


Outdoing its previous model, the 690, the iRobot Roomba 960 is the ideal Robot Vacuum if you have a larger property or larger floor space to keep clean. Not only is it very effective at doing its job, but it is also a very good looking cleaner, too.

If you are looking for a Vacuum that is as good a price as it is at performing its cleanliness duties, then this is the best pick for you. Alternatively, if it is the aesthetics of your little helper that are most important to you then this is also the best buy.

We love the iRobot Roomba 960 because it cleans large areas so well and is really good to look at. It is beautiful and it is brilliant at its job.

Why We Like It

  • Succeeds the Roomba 690
  • Ideal for larger properties
  • Very effective dirt collector
  • Looks great, performs well
  • Larger floor space friendly
Max Suction Power900Pa
Noise Level70dB


The ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum is ideal for people who have lots of laminate, tile or other hard floors in their home. It’s so quiet that users have commented they are able to leave it running when they sleep and are not disturbed by it at all. For families with pets, this is a great choice, as it was made specifically with the idea of collecting pet hair efficiently.

When the battery is low it automatically takes itself back to its docking station and can be programmed to work whilst you’re out at work, too – a clean home is a wonderful sight to return to.

We love the ILIFE V3s because it never fails to pick up stray hairs from beloved pets. It’s easy to programme and can be left running when you sleep.

Why We Like It

  • Hard floor compatible robot
  • Laminate, tile, wood friendly
  • Super quiet, doesn’t disturb
  • Pet hair collected easily
  • Automatic docking, easy programming
Max Suction Power850Pa
Noise Level55dB


eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C

The BoostIQ RoboVac 30C is Super-Slim and Even More Powerful RoboVac with Wi-Fi Connectivity. Compatible with The EufyHome app, and Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant voice control-services, this Robot Vacuum is so easy to use, run and programmed that you will question why you haven’t bought one before.

A Quiet Clean Vacuums for up to 100 minutes** of constant, powerful suction at a volume no louder than an operating microwave. For people who work from home, have small children or want the Robot Vacuum to work while they sleep, this is perfect.

Why We Like It

  • Compatible with latest technology
  • Bare flooring excellence rated
  • Use with Alexa/Google
  • Incredibly quiet – no disturbance
  • Sleek robotic design aesthetics
Max Suction Power1500Pa
Noise Level55dB


iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum

The Roomba 614 Vacuum Cleaning Robot provides a thorough clean, all at the push of a button. The patented, 3 Stage Cleaning System picks up dust, pet hair and large debris like cereal. The Lithium Ion battery helps your robot go the distance, providing up to 3x the battery cycle lifetime. Roomba works on all floor types, and at just 3.6 inch tall, is specifically designed to fit under most furniture, beds and kickboards.

The great thing about Roomba 614 is its runs for up to 90 minutes* before automatically docking and recharging. (*Tested on hard floors)

We love the iRobot Roomba 614 because it realizes when there are areas that need more attention than the average, deep cleaning and working harder to take all dirt away.

Why We Like It

  • 3 stage cleaning system
  • Dust and debris collected
  • Dirt zones cleaned thoroughly
  • Essentials- Smart Navigation
Max Suction Power600Pa
Noise Level55dB


Buyer’s Guide

With so many different Robot Vacuum cleaners on the market, it is difficult to know exactly how to choose the best one for you, your family and your home. We have just listed our top five favorites but there a couple of other things you will have to think about before you make your new purchase. Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of information available to you on the internet. Instead, be clear what it is that you need out of a Robot Vacuum and then trust your gut instinct.

Make sure you know what factors are the most important for you and you will find the perfect Robotic Vacuum cleaner for you and your home. We want to help you as best we can, so here are a few things that we think you should keep at the forefront of your mind when choosing a Robot Vacuum:


It is important for many people that their Robot Vacuum is compatible with Wi-Fi, Alexa or Google Assist. This means that not only is it much easier for you to control, alter the settings and modes but you can also stop to start the vacuum in the first place. With our lives being as busy as they are today, we want to make the boring process of vacuuming as easy as possible. By purchasing a vacuum that is compatible with one of the aforementioned facilities, this will mean that you can access your vacuum from any room in the house and even when you’re not in your home at all.

top 5 best robot vacuum

If you dream of returning from a long day at work to a house that is freshly vacuumed, it is essential that you check that your vacuum is compatible. For some people, the more technologically advanced the scarier or less accessible the gadget. If this is the case for you, then there are Robot Vacuums on the market which are designed for a more traditional usage through the requirement of a handheld control.

This may limit how you use the Robot Vacuum, for example, you could not turn it on if you were at work or out for a coffee, you would have to wait until you got home again, but this does not mean that the vacuum will be any less effective when it is switched on.

Clean the Corners

It’s really irritating when you can see patches on any flooring type which have been missed, either by a conventional hoover or a Robot Vacuum. The most common place to be missed by the Robot Vacuum is the corners of any room. This is usually because they are round in shape and cannot fit into a triangular space. However, this issue has been rectified by many Robot Vacuum companies, where they have created methods, such as extendible arms, extractable brushes or by altering the shape of their Robot Vacuum so that it can pick up the dust and dirt in all corners.

Suction Power

It used to be the case that the more money something cost for you to purchase, the better it was at its job. Sometimes that remains the case but it is slowly becoming an obsolete thought process. You can actually buy some very good vacuums at a fraction of the price of some really bad vacuums. The most important thing to consider is the suction power of a Robot Vacuum.

You really don’t want your new gadget to be moving around your home, sounds like it’s being helpful, looking like it’s working, but when you look closely at the floor it doesn’t have enough suction to pick up the majority of the dust and dirt in your home, resulting in you actually having to vacuum yourself in the old fashioned way. This totally defeats the object!

Noise Levels

If you are easily affected by the noise something makes or are distracted easily, then this could be something that you really need to think about. For example, if you have children and you usually vacuum when they have gone to bed, you do not want a Robot Vacuum that is so loud it will wake them up and you will have to start the bedtime routine all over again.

Similarly, if you work from home or entertain a lot, you do not want the Robot Vacuum to be so loud that you either get distracted or cannot have a conversation with your friends. No one wants to be yelling when they are meant to be calm and sedate drink coffee and eating their cake.

Dust and More

For general use, but especially for pet owners and parents, it would make life a lot easier for you if you chose a Robot Vacuum which not only picked up dust but also larger debris, too. Mud, for example, dropped food, hair, grass, pet food etc. There’s not a great deal of point sending money on a clever gadget if it doesn’t actually make your home look any cleaner to the naked eye, and it will not lessen your workload if you have to get the more conventional vacuum out when the kids have gone to bed.

10 Best Robot Vacuums in 2019


For us, the ideal Robot Vacuum cleaner has a greater Pa (suction power) and isn’t too loud, but that’s just us. This does not necessarily mean that the most expensive Robot will be the best, nor that the cheapest will be useless. Be sure that you are clear about exactly what it is that you require from a Robot Vacuum before you purchase it though.

There is such a vast range of Robot Vacuums on the market that even a brand you’ve never heard of could surprise you and with technological advances occurring so fast, you never know just what is around the corner.

Expert Tip

The higher the suction power, the more dirt will be extracted from your home, so look for Robot Vacuums with higher Pa.

Did you know?

Did you know that there are Robot Vacuum cleaners that will send you a text when they’ve completed your house clean and can contact you if there is a problem?